Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Another new job...

So after working the first job for a couple of days - or was it just one? Tai quit. Not because he couldn't stand it or anything, but because he was hired on elsewhere. More professional. More money. More benefits.

He started today. He's doing layout for four magazines. Darcy is very excited that her Daddy is making magazines. It's cute. :) He came home happy - I hope that's a good sign that things will continue to go well for him there.

In other news, we've all been sick. Nobody has had the same things, of course. That would be too easy. Today, Darcy has the stomach flu. Earlier in the week, she had a nasty cold with a terrible cough. Alex had a fever over the weekend, with cold symptoms on the side. Perrin has just had a runny nose. Last week, I had stomach problems, but I wouldn't consider it the flu. This week, I've had sinus issues, but no coughing. I've been fighting sleepiness for a week and a half - sleepiness for no reason, that is. Today, my stomach isn't happy again. Jeesh. Tai has been feeling "punk" as he puts it...but he's been relatively asymptomatic otherwise. I think today is the first day he's felt well.

Anyhow, that's what's going on 'round here!

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