Friday, February 23, 2007

So it's looking like Perrin got Tai's teeth.

Right before we left VA, we had the kids' 6mo dental checkup. Perrin had developed 4 cavities. Yay. We scheduled an appointment to get 'em fixed. The dental office canceled. That sucked.

We moved, lost our dental insurance, and we were hoping to get dental coverage when one of us got a job. No luck.

Well, one of Perrin's cavities got worse, and the back of his tooth broke off because of it. That was two weeks ago. We took him to the dentist only to find out it's going to cost us $500 for a baby root canal and crown. Alternatively, since it's a baby tooth, we could have it pulled. Yay. Except since he's not supposed to lose it for another 4 years, we'd have to put a spacer in. Again, close to $500. I want to cry. We scheduled the appointment for the baby root canal.

This morning, Perrin came to me and said, "Remember that toothpick you gave me the other day? Well, part of my tooth came out with it." I crossed my fingers, sighed, and hoped it was the same tooth.

No luck. He's broken a different tooth.

We're looking at $1000 before we even touch the other two cavities.

All I'm saying's too bad I don't drink.

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