Friday, December 02, 2005

Nothing sucks more than waking up at 4:45AM to a little girl crying and screaming in the hallway, "I've got poopie on me!!!!!" except for BEING a little girl waking up at 4:45AM with poopie all over you.

And that's how our morning has been spent thus far.

See, Zoe, one of our foster cats, got stuck in Darcy's room last night. Zoe, not being tall enough to open the door, tried to wake Darcy up. But Darcy is a very, very heavy sleeper. And Zoe has had an upset stomach for the last couple of days. Thus, when Darcy didn't wake up and let Zoe out to use the litter box, Zoe HAD to go in Darcy's room. I'm guessing she was in the process of trying to wake Darcy up at the time, because she pooped all over Darcy's pillow.

Poor Darcy! Poor, poor Darcy. Poor Zoe, too, but mostly poor Darcy!