Friday, October 07, 2005

All together now...."Awwwwww!"

I haven't managed to get a decent picture of Zoe yet, but here's an adorable one (or two as the case may be) of Emily. Isn't she sweet?

Image hosted by

Again, she and her sister are up for adoption through Animal Allies. Neither are on the webpage yet, though. And to be honest, neither are ready to go to anything but the most patient of homes. They are both very easily scared, and neither has qualms about throwing a hissy fit over just about anything. LOL We'll have them socialized soon, though! They're already starting to come around...they're learning that lovin's from lots of people aren't necessarily a bad thing!

I sent them off early this morning with their former foster mother. She's taking them to the vet to be spayed. Poor babies! We'll get them back tonight or tomorrow.

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