Thursday, September 08, 2005

Since all three kids are in school...

...and I have so much time on my hands...I decided to become a foster mom! Ok, I'm a foster mom to a kitten, but I'm still a foster mom. Check her out.

Animal Allies is the rescue group that we adopted Fenris from. I visited their webpage, saw the list of available cats, and decided I wanted to adopt darn near every cat on the page. Decided that wasn't really feasible, so instead, I decided to foster for them. Tai wasn't keen on the idea, but he did agree to fostering one cat/kitten at a time. Works for me. :)

I emailed them yesterday afternoon. Got a response right away. Called the woman who responded, only to find out that she is in the Springfield area. She passed my number on to the adoption coordinator for our area. She called at 7:45, and we had Senorita in hand by 8:45. Isn't that awesome?

Senorita is a very loving kitty. She's just a little high strung. Of course, she was living with fifteen other foster kitties and several dogs before she moved in here, so that might explain it. She's doing very well with putting up with the kids so far. I think she'll be just fine shortly. A little more socialization, and she'll be perfectly adoptable. :)