Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's a morning from hell.

Today is Perrin's birthday. I tried to wake him up nicely by telling him Happy Birthday, etc. He wanted nothing to do with it. In fact, he didn't want to wake up. Nor did he want to have a birthday. I didn't want to put him in an even fouler mood, so I thought I'd give him a few minutes.

I went downstairs and asked Alex if he was awake yet. He was. Good, at least that part of the morning would be easy, right? Wrong. He proceeded to argue with me for twenty minutes about wanting mini beef ravioli out of a can for breakfast. *sigh* I'm not about to serve ravioli for breakfast. Not only did he argue with me about it, he went upstairs, woke Perrin up, and got Perrin to say HE wanted beef ravioli for breakfast, too. *sigh*

Darcy woke up - tired - and decided she didn't want breakfast at all. She just wants to lay down in front of the tv for a while. Finally, that is something that can be done. She doesn't have to leave for school until 11:30. So that's where she is.

Perrin has since informed me that he's going to crush all of the cookies that I have in his backpack for him to give to his class. Alex keeps telling me he's going to eat ravioli no matter what I say.

It's just now 8:00, and I'm ready to cry.

I love my kids. I really do. But THANK GOD for school!!

Oh, and to top things off, we've got ants. Again. In my kitchen! They're crawling all over and around and inside my dishwasher. Ewwwwww!!!