Tuesday, June 28, 2005

If you don't hear from me...

...in the next couple of days, please, someone, come check my basement. I very well may be stuck to the walls (theater flats) that we're building. I just got done putting the sizing (glue) on the muslin part of four of the flats...and I proceeded to get the glue all over my feet, my hands, my neck, my ass, my clothes...you get the picture. So yeah, if you don't hear from me? Please, come see if I'm stuck to something in the basement!

Oh, because Blogger still wasn't showing my first post until after my Blogroll...I gave up. I took out all of the pictures of my cast of characters, my archives, my description, and my blogroll. So now all of those wonderful things are gone...at least temporarily. BUT...you can see my first posts. So yay. Ish.