Thursday, December 23, 2004

Lights, Camera, Action!

Let the spoiling commence! Er, uh, continue. Yeah, let the spoiling continue while I video tape it with our new camcorder that my parents gave us for Christmas!

This is an amazing gift, I think. I found a computer file not too long ago that was a recording of Alex reading a book...when he was six. We made CDs of this, and gave them to his grandparents, along with a copy of the book, for Christmas that year. I listened to this file, and it made me cry. He sounded so young. So little. So just imagine how moved I'll be in a couple of years when I sit down and get to listen and see the kids on video!

Now we've just got to see how we can go about putting videotaped stuff onto a computer so we can burn DVDs. We don't have a nifty enough video card in this computer (shucks!), but Tai might be able to do it from work. Then we can burn copies and send those to grandparents. If not, we'll have to buy another VCR (ours is on the fritz) and make copies of video tapes to send. Whatever...we'll get it done!