Thursday, December 23, 2004

Something strange in the neighborhood

Fedex is delivering out of Budget trucks, here. Guess there are still a LOT of packages to be delivered!

Alex got a package today from my ex-husband's mother. Six wrapped gifts, a gift card, and a couple of little toys that weren't wrapped. Holy cow. I realize she was his grandma for five years or so (a little more if you count the time Zach and I were dating), but geeze, that's a lotta stuff! It makes me feel bad for not sending her school pictures and stuff.

Honestly, though, I didn't doubt that they'd miss the kiddo. (They being Zach's family.) But I figured they were pretty mad at me - I asked Zach to leave in August, divorced him in September, and then moved across the country in October - with my first husband. It looked BAD. It wasn't as if I planned on running off with my first fact, I moved out here with him to be his NANNY. But, well, we all know THAT changed. And it didn't matter the intent; it did LOOK bad. And if they didn't know the real story, then they had every right to be angry with me. I didn't figure they'd wanna hear from me, period, even if it was just a note and pictures of the kiddo. Guess maybe I was wrong. Maybe I should have sent 'em anyhow. I'll get some more ink for my printer and send a couple of pictures of him with his thank you card after Christmas.