Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Santa Beware

This is a poem I wrote about this time last year...thought some of y'all might like it:

Santa, beware of the kids this year.
It’s for your very safety that I fear.
I thought it wise to warn you well
that in my home three ogres dwell.

Once the Christmas wreath was hung,
and once the first of the carols sung,
their little horns and tails appeared,
and they started acting pretty weird.

Where once three angelic children were
now there stands three young monsters.
They bite and claw, and fight like mad.
It’s unlike any other Christmas we’ve had.

Santa, beware of the kids this year,
for they’ve turned into devils, I fear.
Some transformation has taken place.
Of my children, I’ve found no trace.

Should you decide to be very brave,
come down the chimney to our domain
to put the presents beneath our tree,
I hope you’ll grant one wish for me.

My Christmas list is far from long
I only wish those demons gone.
If you could return my kids to me,
you’ve no idea how grateful I’d be.