Friday, September 03, 2004

The plague! The plague, I tell you!

So Thursday they infected Tai with the plague. One of the many joys of being owned...I mean being in the Marine Corps. They gave him the smallpox vaccine. He's been feeling rather ucky ever since. And gee, the symptoms last 3-4 weeks! Isn't he lucky?

It's a little scary. He must keep it covered the whole time, and no one is allowed to touch the injection site. In fact, I can't even touch the shirts that he has worn. Guess he'll be doing some of his own laundry for a while.

I tried to go school shopping for the boys tonight. Boy, was that a mess! Everybody and his brother was at Walmart tonight. There were no scissors to be found. It took me three hours - THREE HOURS - to wade my way through Walmart just to get school supplies and a few other things. I didn't come home a happy camper. On a bright note, I did finally pick up blinds for the kids' windows, and some lacy curtainy thingies for the living room. I want to add a window scarf later, but I can't exactly justify spending what I would need to spend on six yards of material. S'ok, maybe next payday. I also got one of the few remaining rakes that they had left, and a garden hose. It's nice to have our own yard, but boy is it the wrong time of year to be finding the things we need to take care of it!

That's about all that is going on around here. Haven't seen any more slugs, thank God!