Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Oh! My virgin eyes!


Oh! The things I've seen!


My God! They're doing WHAT?!?!?


Now I've seen it all!

I walked downstairs tonight to lock the back door, and what should I find? Right there on my back door - ON MY BACK DOOR were two slugs. Mating. Right there on my back door! Going at it like a couple of teenagers! Doing the nasty! Eeeeeeeeewwwwww!!!

Now I don't know if you've ever watched two slugs mate, but it is definitely an experience. Unfortunately, it was an experience I never wanted to experience, but I had to experience it because I couldn't tear myself away. It's an experience I would have been happy to miss. At first, I thought it was just one big slug - I even called upstairs to Tai. He came down to see the "big slug" on our door. We got down to their level, and as we watched, we realized there was more than one, and they were doing it. IT!! Right there on our back door! (I haven't mentioned that already, have I?)

Slugs don't just do it like other creatures. Oh no. They do it in a whole different way. See, all slugs are hermaphrodites, and they keep their little sluggy sex organs in a place under their mantle - up by their heads. They make slime - bunches of it - and they hang from it. A little slug bungee if you will. Then, they intertwine themselves, kind of curling around each other, and both of them kind of push out their little slimy sluggy sex organs from by their heads, and they hang down and intertwine, too. **Gads, I have got to find a picture of this, or nobody will understand. They finish what they're doing, and then they go their seperate ways.

These guys moved a few inches away from one another, then curled up like little curly-Qs, and snoozed. I guess all that bungee-ing was tiring.

Anyway, that pretty much ruined my sex drive for the night. Eeeeew!!!

**Found that picture. Several in fact.