Sunday, September 05, 2004

Catering to my Laziness

Yes, yes, Giant (a grocery store chain in DC, DE, MD, and VA) is catering to my laziness. Through the link above, I ordered my groceries online, yesterday. Online! While wearing my pajamas! From my couch! And they will be delivered sometime this morning. I didn't have to wander through an overly-crowded store, dealing with children begging for candy, forgetting that I needed something in aisle 3, and realizing it while I'm in aisle 9. I didn't have to break my back loading groceries into the cart, then onto the checkout counter, then into bags, then into the cart again, then into the trunk, then into the house. Nope. They did all that for me. I just had to sit here and click a few buttons, and spend the whopping $5.95 delivery fee. Some may call this the epitome of laziness. I call it smart shopping.

I did have to go out, however, to pick up a present & party decorations for Perrin. His birthday is Tuesday, but we'll be celebrating it today. He's getting his first two-wheeler! Yay for new bikes! It's bright red - I think he'll like it, despite the fact he specifically asked for blue. (They didn't have any blue ones in our price range.) Tai put it together amazingly fast. I was quite impressed with his speed and skill.

I have to admit - we're being evil, simply EVIL. We're not putting the training wheels on it. If ever we have met a six year old who could hop on a bike for the first time and ride away, it's Perrin. Alex found an old bike when we lived in the apartment, and we kept it on our balcony for a while. Perrin could stand on the pedals and balance on it while it was standing still. Surely he can do that and more while his is in motion!

Our friend Dustin's birthday was two days ago, and Melissa didn't make him a cake. They'll be joining us to celebrate Perrin's birthday, so I ordered (ordered!) an extra cake mix. I'm planning on making him a cake, too. Can you say SUGAR HIGH tonight?! Woohoo!!!

That's about all that's going on 'round these parts. I'm impatiently waiting for my new telephone to arrive from I even paid the extra for quick shipping, not realizing that tomorrow is a holiday, and I wouldn't get it until Tuesday or Wednesday anyway. Very frustrating, since I know as of 7:00AM yesterday, it was less than 30 miles from here.

Oh, my groceries are here!

Added: Yay! Spent nearly $250 on groceries, and they got our whole order right!