Wednesday, July 28, 2004

More and more pissed off...

Yes, in addition to being sick, I'm also becoming increasingly pissed off at our apartment complex. If I could move out of here TODAY, I would. I would sooo pack up all of our belongings and leave without looking back.

The other day, A came inside, completely soaking wet, and told me that the two kids he had been playing with had hold of the hose, and were spraying it where they shouldn't. He said he was trying to stop them, but they wouldn't. I told A to stay inside for the rest of the day, then yelled at the boys outside to knock it off. Twenty minutes later, the office called to tell me that A had been involved in the spraying of the hose into someone's apartment. They weren't interested at all in hearing our side of the story. We have 21 days to "fix the problem" or 30 days to "get out."

We have 21 days to "fix" our 9 year old doing the right thing? What the fuck? I'm sorry, but I don't want that to be fixed. I want him to keep doing the right thing, thank you very much.

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thesocialworker said...

So just say that the problem has been fixed. Nor do you have to explain your side of the story or justify your child's actions to anyone, certainly not to an office. The only reason the office is involved is because some hassle of a tenant has bugged them so much about getting onto-you. Just remember that the workers in 'the office' couldn't give a damn about your child's actions, unless of course they're a tenant as well and had their aparentment sprayed. Anyhow, 30 days is a long enough time for people to forget about things.