Thursday, July 29, 2004

The post where I say happy stuff

1st- An update on my ears: Walmart sells this stuff called "Earache Relief" drops. Good stuff. My ears don't feel terrific, but they do feel a LOT better than they did before.

2nd - An update on my throat: I am back to swallowing normally!

3rd - An update on my head/sinuses: On the mend. I hope.

4th - this is where the actual happy stuff comes in: We set a wedding date! August 13th (Yes, it happens to be a Friday)at 3PM, I will finally be marrying the love of my life. And this time? It's the real thing. The for the rest of my life. The lets grow old together. The always and forever. This time, I have no doubts going into the marriage.

Seeing as how it is the third marriage for each of us, we'll be playing it low key. No frills. Probably even wear jeans. I think the kids will be there, and with any luck, a friend or two. I don't think we'll send out invitations, but no one should take offense. It'll take five minutes at the courthouse. Five minutes is an awfully short time for the hundreds and hundreds of dollars it would cost in airfare!

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