Thursday, April 01, 2004

Grumble, mumble, cuss...

I don't know if it is just the impending NQMIL visit or what, but everything has been on my every last nerve today. I'm most definitely grumpy. I bought a tee-shirt the other day that has a picture of Grumpy from the 7 Dwarves on it - it says, "I'm Grumpy. What's your excuse?" This is something I should have been wearing today, but it was in the laundry. =o(

Anyway, everything is done except the kitchen. Just need to wipe off and organize the countertops. Not too bad. Nothing different than I do most nights. They're due here in about 12 hours. I think that's sufficient time. If not, my kitchen is in much worse shape than I realized.

Anyhow, I have nothing really important to say. Just running away to computer land for a few minutes before I deal with more real life which seems to be pissing me off today.

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