Wednesday, March 31, 2004

OK, I can't stop...

So my computer is dead, and I still can't stop blogging. ;o) I sneak into my son's room and steal computer time from him. Tee hee!

Anyway, good news! This chart thing seems to be working with the kids! Each child had three chores yesterday. I walked in at 5:30 last night and asked them to do their chores real quick before dinner. EVERYONE was done in less than TWENTY minutes! Yay!! No arguments. No fuss. No fight. They just DID it! Woohoo!

My Not-Quite-Mother-In-Law will be here early Friday morning. So far, I've cleaned out the linen and coat closets, re-organized the kitchen cabinets, re-organized the pantry, shampooed the carpet in the dining room, and taken control of the shoes. In addition to regular housework, of course. I think today I will tackle the top of the refrigerator, the laundry area, and shampoo the carpet in the living room and hallway.

I got an email from the nine year old's teacher yesterday. She was answering a question for me, but she also let me in on a secret. Report cards come out the first day after Easter break, so she had just finished tallying the grades. He made straight A's! Woohoo! Tai had told him that if he got straight A's on a report card, we'd take a trip to Illinois this summer. Looks like we'll get to go home for a visit! We haven't told A yet. We'll let him see it on his report card. Keep him in suspense for a couple more weeks. *grin*

Heard from the 5 year old's therapist yesterday, too. Apparently, he's not a psychiatrist like we thought. Oops. But we discussed some of my worries about P, and he agrees that it sounds like there is a biological basis for many of his behaviors. So he's going to get in touch with a child psychiatrist to see what we can do about possibly getting the poor kid on some drugs. I think it will help GREATLY. We need him stable enough that working with him at home can have some effect. His mood swings are so drastic that it's difficult to get through to him now. And it HAS to be HELL for him - to go from a perfectly fine mood into a rage for no good reason...several times a day...has to be frustrating and draining on him. Again, wish us luck!

Anyway, that just about catches everything up, I think.

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