Saturday, April 03, 2004

So far, so good

The NQMIL and NQBIL arrived yesterday around 11:00 AM. So far, so good. No major blow ups. No major incidents. She seems pretty happy with how the kids are doing, and I think she slipped in a quasi-compliment to me by saying that for two years, Tai was sooooo incredibly unhappy. Logic would say that this thought was tied to the "Tai is happy now" thought that was unsaid...which says to me that she thinks I might have a bit to do with it. I dunno. Tai said that yes, it was a compliment. LOL Gotta love the strange communication style of this woman.

Anyway, Tai, his mom, P & D are all off visiting the National Cathedral. This afternoon, Tai, his mom, his brother, and A will probably be heading to the art museum. I'm planning on sticking around here because my stomach is killing me. Again. Still. Whatever. Plus, of course, the car will seat no more than five, so trying to take all 7 of us anywhere requires a rental...which I think we plan on getting for certain excursions this week...but not today.

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