Friday, March 26, 2004

It might just be a decent weekend!

The kids' bedrooms are clean. Yes, you read that right - they're CLEAN! No yelling and screaming. No throwing tantrums. I said, "Clean your rooms." And guess what happened? Twenty minutes later, their bedrooms were clean! It's amazing! I'm awed! I'm...I'

So last week, I bought wipe-off calanders for each of the kids. On these calanders, I write the chores for each child. Once a chore is accomplished, I put a green checkmark beside it. On the bottom of each day, I put a red checkmark for each time he or she goes to timeout. I tally up the red vs green checkmarks, and whichever is greater is the color check he or she gets for the day. If there are more green checks than not for the week, we will do something cool over the weekend. They all seem to like the immediate positive reinforcement of the green checkmarks, and have an easier time recalling the things they've done wrong when we put up a red check. This could be a good thing! We've had clean bedrooms for three days in a row,'s getting scary.

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