Saturday, March 27, 2004

Damn video card

I'm having a heck of a time getting the computer to work. Something is going wrong with the video card, and it doesn't want to work. Anyway...

We had a busy day today. Took the kids to a local national park to splash around in the creek this morning. They had a lot of fun. P was soaked up to his hair, A & D were soaked to their knees. It was a mother's nightmare. Not only were the kids getting wet and muddy, they were getting sandy. And then they were gonna get back in the car! Ack! Tai took care of it all, and had changes of clothes ready for them in the car. He threw up some towels over the windows of the car doors, which he left open, then covered the distance between them with a blanket, so they had a changing area. It worked pretty well. Everyone ate McDonald's, then took a short nap, then we were off again. We went to see the second Scooby Doo movie. I wasn't excited by it, but the popcorn was good. P was really enjoying the music - gettin' down right there in the theater. That was a sight to see!

Anyway, Tai is on the phone making plans with friends for tomorrow. I'm gonna go listen in. ;o)

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