Monday, March 15, 2004

And they're off!

Tai and P just left for P's first psychiatric appointment. I certainly hope the doctor can help this poor little guy. Tai took a list of things that we're concerned about, such as P saying things like, "I want to be dead and sleep with the worms." Just what you want to hear from a seemingly healthy five-year-old, right? P runs so hot and cold - from I love you to I hate you in no time flat. I wonder how much of this is nature and how much of it is nurture? Maybe the doctor can figure it out.

Two and a half hours later: they still haven't seen the doctor. Apparently his car got towed, and he doesn't know how to operate the telephone to call a taxi. Or something. P is now an on-call patient. We're hoping for the doctor's office to call when he finally makes it in.

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