Monday, March 15, 2004

Finally got in...

Finally got in to see the 6:00 this evening. A good psychiatrist, because he wanted to see both Mom and Dad, along with P. We arranged for a neighbor to watch D, and had A sit in the waiting room (they were officially closed, so we didn't have to worry about him being accosted by some psycho). I didn't have a chance to talk to the doc, but Tai was with him for quite a while, going over P's history, etc, before P was called in. Tai said he was pretty candid about the last few years of P's life, which is vital to therapy being productive at all. The doc is going to call me tomorrow to discuss anything Tai may have left out and any of my concerns. Tai and I were able to watch them through a one-way mirror. Tonight, the doc mainly watched P play with some toys. He wants us to call in the morning to make another appointment as soon as possible - then let him know what time the appointment is. LOL Apparently, this is one of those places where the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing, or something. Regardless, he'd like to see P again soon, and if the "next available" appointment isn't soon enough, he said we'd have to arrange something else. I'm glad he seems to take our concerns seriously. This poor baby needs a lot more help than we can give him. Sure, I took counseling classes during my social work studies, but not enough to get P through this without actual professional help. Of course, some of his issues may be biological. There are psychiatric issues on his biological mom's side of the family.

It's time again to remind everyone to check out this page of mine, where you plug in your address, and it spits out a pre-written letter (email or fax, I forget which) that they send to your lawmakers letting them know that you do not support amending the Constitution to include a ban on gay marriage. It only takes two minutes. Check out the rest of the site, too...they make it easy to "get political" without having to leave your computer chair!

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