Sunday, April 13, 2008

I'm a sneaky little witch sometimes...

Ok, here's the deal. There is a long list of things that 3rd shift is supposed to do where I work. Things like:

- sweep and mop the kitchen floor
- wipe down and sanitize the kitchen counters
- clear the refrigerator of leftovers that are 3 days old
- wipe down the fridge and the inside of the microwave
- wipe down and sanitize the bathrooms
- sweep and mop the bathroom floors
- go over the client's books to make sure documentation is done
- take out the meat for the next day's meals
- do the clients' laundry

We have been short-handed for a long, long time now, so our main 3rd shift person works six nights a week.

Unfortunately, this person thinks his job is to sit his ass in a chair and watch television all night. Needless to say, that list up there just simply does NOT get done. He does do laundry sometimes. I guess that's something, right?

I can say with certainty that the floor has not been mopped since the last time I worked third - a week and a half ago. And I know this because the SAME KOOL AID stain is on the floor from the day after I mopped. I'm *pretty* sure I'm the only one who has cleaned the bathrooms since then, too. And I pulled food out of the fridge tonight that was a week old.

I'm just a little frustrated. Because we are so short staffed, there can't be any consequences for people not doing their jobs. Because, really, a warm body is better than NO body, I guess. Or so they say.

So tonight before I left, I decided to do a little something with the television set. I switched it from cable to uhf or whatever the heck that other option is. It dropped the number of channels down to 10 or so. And the *most* exciting one in the middle of the night is the Weather Channel. Muah ha ha ha. I'm hoping this will be the little bit of motivation he needs to get off his ass and do some actual WORK.

I'm almost positive he'll simply think something is wrong with the cable. I don't think he's quite technologically inclined enough to figure out how to fix the tv. Oh, but just in case, I screwed up the remote control a little bit, too. ;o)

Now I left at midnight, and I'm due back first thing in the morning. So I'll be able to fix it as soon as he leaves. It won't mess up the television for the clients. It'll be fixed by the time they're interested in watching it.

I can be such a bitch, can't I?


kate said...

Hmm, I know I wouldn't be technologically inclined enough to know how to fix it...

Let us know if the plan worked (i.e. if he actually did any cleaning.)

It's too bad that jobs like these can't retain quality staff (except you, and they better appreciate you!) It sounds like even if you complained, or made a point of letting the boss know the situation, there isn't much they can do other than depend on the goodwill of the other workers to actually do their job.

Is there any chance of you getting promoted? I mean, are there any positions above yours that you could someday fill? Or maybe you could negotiate an arrangement where they would pay for you to take a class at a local college or something so you could slowly work toward a degree that would qualify you for a better position in their organization (though I'm sure they would hate to lose you where you are!)

Or, you can simply take pleasure in knowing that you are doing a good job and making a difference, despite your colleagues. It seems like it could get pretty demoralizing to be the only one who actually does anything-- but you're doing a great job!

And if your ploy works, maybe it could become standard policy!

Mindi said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you! Did it work?

Willow said...

Heh... can't wait to hear the update.

alex said...

LMAO! That'll learn him. I loathe people who don't pull their weight.

Anonymous said...

OMG I'm going to have to use this myself. :)