Monday, February 04, 2008

Have I mentioned lately that I love my parents and my insurance company?

While I was at work Friday night, I spoke to Tai on the phone. Our furnace died. Again.

Only this time it was a slow, agonizing, noisy death. One that ended in an actual not-gonna-work-ever-again sort of clank.

I ran out to Wallyworld and bought space heaters. Lots and lots of space heaters. Because spending $130 on space heaters is better than spending the extra $200 it would take to get someone to come to my house at 11:00 at night on a Friday, or anytime the next two days. Plus, they would last longer.

Meanwhile, as our house is being heated by said space heaters, I was panicking. I mean, where are we gonna get the money for a new furnace? Ok...well...if we can make the space heaters last a week, our tax refund should come in Friday. But that puts us at another weekend. I wonder how much our electric bill could possibly be if we used space heaters for two weeks? Eek.

Anyway, I spoke with both of my parents and told them what was going on. While I was at work Saturday (we won't mention here how I went in at 3:00 expecting to get off at 11:00, and somehow ended up in the ER with one of the residents until 6:30 in the morning), Dad called and talked to Tai. My parents are going to buy the furnace. Isn't that awesome?

Anyhow, today comes around - finally time to start calling heating and a/c companies, and I decide maybe it would be a good idea to call the insurance company first. I got sewer back-up insurance when I bought the homeowners insurance. So of course, I handed the phone to Tai and asked him to call. Muah ha ha ha.

Have you EVER heard of an insurance company that says, after 15 minutes on the phone, "Ok, we'll deposit it in your account within the next 24 hours"?? Without sixteen estimates, an insurance adjuster coming to look at it, or anything else?

I didn't think so.

So yeah, there's still the $1000 deductible. And there's the fact that the insurance estimate doesn't include a new evaporator coil (for the a/c). But technically, we probably don't need a new one, so that's ok. So instead of it costing my parents $2100 to $2800, it should only cost them $1000 to $1800, depending on which furnace we pick, and whether we choose to get a new evaporator coil, too. (And I don't think we're going to get the evaporator coil.) Oh, and whether we get the $350 10 year parts and labor warranty.

Now I've got to decide on which one to get, and I don't know the first thing about furnaces.


Michele said...

Yippee for parents and decent ins companies! I don't know the first thing about furnaces or evaporator coils or whatever either, but a new furnace just sounds so toasty doesn't it?

Mindi said...

Oh, it's been too cold for that crap! Isn't it nice to have parents who actually help? I don't have any, but my in-laws are the best - rofl. The one consolation is at least the thing is new and (hopefully) will keep on working. It makes me cold just thinking about being without a furnace. Brrrr...

Liz said...

Hurray for parents - got a couple of saviors, my ownself - Happy Valentine's Day!

eatmisery said...

My furnace took a shit overnight and we've paid $3400 for a new one today. Gah. I feel your pain.