Monday, April 09, 2007

The therapist assigned to Perrin called us this morning. She's finally going to meet with us our home.

Tomorrow, I should be getting a call from the special education liason assigned to Perrin's school. She's going to arrange a tour of another public school in town that has more special education options available. Hopefully, we'll find a better fit for the kiddo, and school won't be so overwhelming for him.

I'm sure I've said it before, but just in case: In VA, he was in a self-contained special ed classroom for half of the day - for language arts and math. He was in a regular classroom for social studies, science, art, PE, music, computers, library, etc.. Here, he is taken out for 1/2 an hour of extra help in reading every day. Other than that, he's with the regular classroom all day. So essentially, he's gone from a classroom of 4-8 students to one of 22. That's pretty damn overwhelming.

He can keep up in math. He doesn't *need* special ed for math. But he does need the smaller class size in order to be able to do the work. He follows the concepts just fine, but when there are so many kids, he goes nuts...sometimes literally.

So we have the counseling thing moving, and we have a hope of getting him into a school that will work better for him. Things are changing, and hopefully, they'll be for the better.

The only problem? Being autistic, Perrin doesn't do CHANGE well!

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