Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Full of shit

My house, that is.

With an upcoming move becoming more and more of a probability instead of a possibility, I'm trying to go through the house bit by bit and throw away crap that we don't need.

Let me tell you...that's a LOT of crap.

For instance: my junk drawer. I found two full decks of cards, plus not one, not two, not three, but EIGHT partial decks. Eight! My medicine chest: prescriptions that expired six years ago. I'm so not kidding - they expired in 2000, people! My desk: school cafeteria lunch calendars from a year ago, papers that should have been filed a year ago, and newsletters dated a year and a half ago!

Of course, I haven't even started sorting through the kids' rooms yet. That's gonna be fun. They must have 83,000 stuffed animals between them. I don't want to save all of the stuffed animals. All they do is clutter up a room. It's not like the kids will actually LEAVE them on shelves or anything. But it isn't like they PLAY with them either. They just dump 'em on the floor. Yay. Then we've got a bazillion McDonald's Happy Meal toys, all of the drawings and teeny tiny crumpled pieces of paper they've decided to save, and wrappers from who knows what that are hiding behind their dressers.

We've got a million books. And lately, I've been getting rid of my paperbacks as soon as I am done reading them. Yet, still, we have a million books. Ok, maybe not a million, but at least a thousand. I know we have at least 400 kids' books alone. Plus all of ours, and we've got plenty!

We may be doing a military move - so they will pay for someone to come in and pack our crap for us...but I don't want to TAKE all of our crap with us!

Anyway, I'm off to load up another garbage bag.