Monday, October 16, 2006


I have decided narcotics just aren't for me. After my wisdom teeth were removed, the doc gave me Percocet. At first, I thought they were my friends.

But then came the nastiness. I got sick to my stomach. I was dizzy. It was yucky.

I went back to the surgeon, and he gave me Vicodin. That was even worse. The first day, I thought it was grand. The second night I spent puking my guts up. It's evil.

I finally called the surgeon again last Thursday or Friday, and I told him I needed a non-narcotic pain killer. I wanted something stronger than ibuprofen, but NON-narcotic. He called in a script for Toradol.

The difference is amazing. It helps. It helps a lot. The pain went from being easily 10x worse than childbirth to being simply uncomfortable. Kinda like having a pesky headache. And I didn't feel DRUGGED. That I can live with.

Unfortunately, it's a powerful NSAID that has nasty side effects if taken too long. It's got a five day max on it. But ya know what? That's ok. I'm waking up after a blessed 8 hours of sleep or more, and I'm not waking up in pain. Yeehaw! I'm finally getting better!

What I don't understand is how people get hooked on pain meds. I couldn't STAND the way they made me feel. And people do that to themselves on PURPOSE?! Egad! They must be insane!