Monday, July 10, 2006

Busy, busy!

So this week, Tai is taking a separation class. This is a week-long class that he has to take in order to get out of the Marine Corps. I'm excited. I cannot wait until he gets out. I really can't.

It's like 95% sure that he'll be doing the same job once he's out, so that's not why I'm excited. (They're working on turning his job into a civilian job for him...expecting him to take it when he gets out of the Corps.) I don't mind his day-to-day JOB. I just hate the fact that he's OWNED. I hate the fact that at any point in time, the rug could be ripped out from under our family, and he could be sent anywhere the government's heart desires. And with the way things are going these days...

Yeah, other news, this coming weekend is the big one. Jon, and maybe Zach, will be getting off work Friday morning and driving out here to spend a day or two, if we're lucky, and to pick up Alex and take him back to Illinois to my parents' house. And Perrin & Darcy's biomom will be heading out here, probably right after work on Friday morning, too, to pick them up and take them back home with her. Everyone will be gone for a MONTH. Just IMAGINE the quiet around here!!!

This means I have a helluva lot of packing to do for the kids. Clothes, books, bears & turtles, special blankets, meds, etc, etc, etc. And I think I'm going to have to go buy Perrin some new underwear. It seems most of his has gone missing. Oops. *le sigh* I suppose in order to get the quiet, I've gotta do a lot of work. I guess I can live with that. ;o)

Anyhow, that's about what's going on 'round here. And now it's time to go walk the neighbor's dogs.