Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Coming back to life

Thank goodness spring is finally here. I think I was really meant to be a bear. I was meant to hibernate all winter - I get so depressed that all I want to do is sleep!

But spring is here! Spring has sprung! We've had cherry blossoms, azaleas, and all sorts of green things blooming and sprouting, and...whew.

I crave color so much when it's winter. I hate that everything is so dreary and gray. So once spring hits, I go flower crazy. I bought my first two van loads of flowers this past week. Unfortunately, when I did so, I didn't realize that my backyard has only about 1/2 an inch of topsoil, and then roots, clay, roots, clay, and more roots and clay underneath. Ugh!! I hacked through some of it last weekend, dumped some garden soil in the holes, and planted about 15 flowers. But I've got many, many more to plant. I'm seriously considering just potting them, and putting the pots in the yard. It'd be a heck of a lot easier!

In other news:

Darcy is very into patriotism lately. In fact, she's always talking about "Liverty and Justins." I think it's hillarious. Is it bad that I don't correct her? LOL

She has her first loose baby is growing up. AND we had to buy her a new bicycle - a big 16" one! She's excited.

One of my foster cats is going to a new home on Thursday, if all goes as planned. King Arthur might have finally found his forever home - as long as he gets along with the family dog. Wish him luck!

I started a "new line" of products in my eBay store. Young girl's jewelry. Only necklaces so far, but I hope to add bracelets and earrings soon. There's just too much push for little girls to look grown-up lately. I don't like that. So I'm making simple, innocent-looking jewelry for 'em. Now, if only someone would start making clothes that don't show their belly buttons...

My van died. I really need to find a mechanic and find out why it won't start. The battery-operated stuff turns on, but it doesn't even TRY to start. Ugh.

I think that's about it, other than we are all finally over the flu and its repurcussions (ear infections, etc.). We survived spring break, and the kids went back to school yesterday. I have to say - it's nice to have a few quiet hours a day again!