Monday, March 20, 2006

Thank you

I would just like to take this time to say thank you to a few people that I've run into lately:

1. Thank you, dear grocery store bagger, for packing my grapes with the jar of spaghetti sauce and can of Manwich. Maybe if I leave that bag alone for a while, I will have wine instead of grapes. Good thinking!

2. Thank you, postal employee, for taping up my box so well! I really appreciate that you worried so much about the contents spilling out of the already sealed box that you taped - twice - over the strip that says, "Pull here to open." Two times! I really appreciate your concern.

3. Thank you, Walmart employee, for worrying about my dishes. I know you thought maybe the Cascade box was a little dirty, so you twisted the cap on my shampoo before you put it in the bag beside the box. You don't know how much I appreciated picking up the Cascade to find the box had already been cleaned by approximately 20oz of shampoo. No, really...your concern touches me.

4. Thank you, McDonald's employee for not giving me straws with my order. Most people would find that annoying. But you saw that I am a bit overweight, and you, very thoughtfully, gave me my milkshake without a straw. You knew that the extra energy I had to expend to actually lift the cup to my lips would help burn off the extra calories I was taking in. Not many McDonald's employees are that thoughtful!