Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Not again!

You remember February? You know, that 28 day month that comes after January? Yeah. That one. I was sick for that ENTIRE month. From the first through the twenty-eigth. It sucked.

The kids were also sick, on and off, but only for a day or two at a time. That wasn't so bad.

But it's happening again. Monday night, Darcy started puking. I swear that child threw up 15 times in a three hour period. (Poor kid!) She had no fever, but she had a sore throat, and she puked. A lot. Tuesday, however, she was fine. Of course I kept her home from school, but she was fine.

Last night, Perrin started feeling kinda yucky. Turns out, he was running a fever. He keeps his fever in funny places, though. His head was cool. His cheeks were cool. His back, chest, and arms were hot. This morning, I tried to take his temperature. Generally, this is a pretty simple procedure, right? Stick the thermometer under his tongue, wait a minute, and beep! it tells you a number. This kid was hot to the touch. So when the thermometer told me his temp was only 97.3, I thought it was crazy. Tried again with another thermometer. Same number.


I put it under his arm. This time, after the beep, it read 100.6. Aha! He DID have a fever. He just didn't keep it in the right place. Weird.

Since this morning, I think I've seen him two...maybe three times. He's been sleeping or chilling in front of the tv all day. I assume. I wouldn't know, because I've barely seen him. LOL

Meanwhile, my temperature has been rising, too. It feels like each and every muscle in my body is being sliced with a filet knife. Slowly. Over and over. My chest is full of that semi-squishy weird foam stuff. Well, not really, but it feels like it. I'm sneezy, too. Really sneezy. Oh, and my stomach is NOT happy. I'm not puking, but...well...sludge. And that's all I'm saying.

I don't wanna be sick!!!