Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'm better than clipping coupons!

Oh yes. I can save you anywhere between $7 and $60ish right here and now. All by telling you one simple thing: DO NOT GO SEE Doogal. It's AWFUL! And by awful, I mean it's the worst movie I've seen in the last twenty years. Let me tell you, I've seen some pretty baaaaaaaad movies in the last twenty years! (I mean, there was the one about racoons whose testicles had some sort of super powers, for goodness sake!) And Doogal outdid them all.

There wasn't a single original line in the whole movie. The storyline was horrid. The main character was supposed to be a cute puppy, but was really just a totally self-serving wig. Not to mention, any movie that references, "Super-powered bling-bling" just isn't gonna be good. It's not. Tai and I looked at each other every two minutes during the movie and asked, "Is it over yet?" It's just that bad.