Monday, October 17, 2005

A typical, everyday conversation 'round here

Alex: I don't like the sausage. It's too spicy.

Tai: You'll thank us for making you eat it some day.

Alex: Why?

Tai: We're actually doing you a favor!

Alex: How?

Tai: How do you think men grow to like beer?

Alex: Huh?

Tai: The hot stuff we make you eat will help kill off your tastebuds.

Alex: Okayyyy?

Tai: So we're just making sure that when you're a nice, responsible 21 year old, you'll be able to enjoy a good beer.

Me: If you had all your tastebuds then, you wouldn't be able to drink it. Beer is pretty darn gross.

Alex: Okayyyy?

Tai: So eat your sausage so you can enjoy beer, later. When you're 21.