Monday, October 17, 2005

Dude! We bought a Dell! (Or two.)

Other than stocking stuffers, our Christmas shopping for the kids is done! Done, done, done! Woohoo!

Yes, we purchased not one, but two new computers for the kids for Christmas. Alex will get one for his bedroom (with a flat panel monitor and dvd burner, nonetheless), and Perrin and Darcy will get one (not quite as snazzy, but close) to share in the playroom.

They all currently share a computer, but it's been trying to die on us for a long while, now. Last year, we bought a new hard drive, a new video card, and more memory for it...and it still doesn't work right. So we are finally throwing in the towel.

I figure they've got enough toys to kill a cow, so getting computers for Christmas will be plenty good. They'll still get stuff from grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles, etc. (We're hoping for new computer games.) So they'll have plenty of packages to open, even if we only give them a couple of big boxes ourselves.

Alex is a bit of a spoilsport, though. He specifically asked for a computer, and we specifically gave him the, "Yeah right, like we've got $700 or $1000 to drop on you for Christmas" routine. And then he saw UPS deliver it. Ugh! Now he says things like, "Mom, let's just cut to the chase. Why don't you give me my computer now?" Brat!