Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Where in the world is...

For some reason, yesterday, I got to thinking about an old friend I hadn't thought of in a while. I've only seen him once since our freshman year in high school, and that was our sophomore year or something. His name was Kenny Hendricks, and I was nuts about him way back when. He was always ready to brighten anyone's day with a joke or just a smile. I know his home life sucked - and I mean really sucked - and I appreciated the smiles he brought me all the more because of it. He disappeared partway through our freshman year without a word...and it was probably a year before he finally wrote to me. He was living with his mom somewhere near St. Louis, I think. I wonder if it was his home life that prompted me to study social work. Anyway, just in case he ever Googles his own name, I thought I'd make mention of him on my blog. In fact, maybe I'll mention several ways he could be Googled. LOL (Kenny Hendricks. Ken Hendricks. Kenneth Hendricks. Kenneth W. Hendricks. Ken W. Hendricks. Kenneth Wayne Hendricks.) There, suppose that will suffice? LOL

Oh, for that matter, I'd also like to know what happened to Mark Matkovitch. I may have butchered the spelling of his last name. Rather sad, since we hung out for several years. LOL

And I'd like to get contact info for David Barnett (Davey Barnett). I saw him a couple of summers ago...found out he was doing well. And silly me, I didn't get his email address or phone number. Shame on me!

I think that's it for now. Those are all the names I can pull off the top of my head. Now it's official. They're right here on my blog. People can find them. Oh, just in case anyone is Googling MY name...I used to be Megan MacVean. :)

Have a good one, all!