Monday, August 01, 2005

Still alive

Yes, I'm still alive. Survived the heat and everything, thank goodness. Been a little busy lately...having all three kids home all day will do that, I think. But also, we've had a friend visiting. 'Lissa came down and we had some fun. It's really nice to have another woman to go shopping with! Though she's a bad influence...she brings out the night owl in me. I didn't go to bed before 3:00 either of the nights she was here. Shame on me!

Tai is on third shift all week...he's stuck in a hotel watching the phone and making sure a bunch of Marines are behaving themselves. He has the option to stay at the hotel during the day to sleep, but he's chosen to come home. I'm trying to keep the kids quiet, but it's getting difficult...and this is only the first morning. I think here soon, I'll take Perrin and Darcy to the store. If they can be loud enough to wake him up from there, I'll be duly impressed.

Anyway, that's what's going on around these parts...