Monday, August 15, 2005

First year is passed us...

Well, Tai and I did it! We made it through our first year of marriage (again). One full year without so much as a loud argument, let alone an all out fight. Woohoo!

In other news, the local pool has totally pissed me off. It doesn't help that I was PMSing at the time, but...yeah. The last time we were there, all three kids were going off the diving board. Tai and I were hanging out by the wall on the deep end, to make sure that Darcy, especially, could make it to the side - since she's a new swimmer. So over the weekend, we took them to this same pool. And not only were we told that we couldn't stay there, even to "spot" Darcy - but also that she couldn't go off the diving board at all, because she hadn't passed the test. The test is ridiculous. It's about six feet from the diving board to the side of the pool. The test is TWO 120 foot laps across the pool and 1 minute treading water. I'm sure they have good reasons for their stupid rules. I'm sure those reasons are because there are too many irresponsible parents that don't bother to watch their kids. But damn it, there were TWO adults IN the water trying to watch out for Darcy. They royally pissed me off. No toys in the pool. No diving. Basically, all Perrin and Darcy could do was walk around in the water, and what fun is THAT?! So we left. Mainly because I was throwing a fit. (PMS remember?) I walked out, complaining quite loudly, that having any god damned fun was against the rules here, and they'd totally pissed me off, etc. I'm sure my husband was quite proud of my childlike behavior. Ugh.

SOOOooooo....we bought a pass to the local water park. We went yesterday afternoon, and it was really pretty fun. They've got toys to play on for kids Darcy's age (and height), but also... Their swim test for being able to go down the big kid slides and play the big kid games? MUCH more reasonable. All she had to do was swim about 30 feet without any assistance and without going to the side. Since she just started swimming this summer, we weren't sure she'd be able to make it. But she did! And the first time she did it, the lifeguard who authorizes kids under 48" to go down the slides happened to be watching! So she got to go down the big kid slides and was thrilled. They had tons and tons of lifeguards on duty, so we didn't have to worry about trying to watch three kids in three different places constantly. It was awesome!