Monday, May 02, 2005

Random thoughts

1. I made myself two pairs of lounge pants yesterday, and most of a tank top (Tai did some of that, cuz my eyes were too tired, and I was getting cranky). They fit! They're comfy! One pair of pants is made from the bright plaid fabric, and the other one and the top are made from the striped gray slinky stuff. Yay for new jammies/lounging 'round the house clothes!

2. I have to know...what's up with the tomato shaped pin cushions? I mean, seriously, who sat down one day and thought, "Hey! We ought to make these pin cushions into the shape and color of tomatoes! Everybody will buy them, then!"??? I don't get it.

3. A Darcy quip: Mama, just go with the float!

4. I think I may be addicted to flowers. I bought even more. But now all of my planters are filled, so I have to be done. No, really, I'm done!

5. My parents made it home safely...and probably thankfully. They had to be exhausted - I know I was!

6. We finally got the house all cleaned up after their visit. Though I still have some laundry to take care of. Bleh.

7. The property owners are sending plumbers about the leak - so it looks like my front yard will, in fact, be torn up.

8. Kids will look at you funny if you dye cheese blue-green, and then stuff it into pasta shells, and bake it with spaghetti sauce.

9. They look at you even funnier when you tell them that it's alien snot.

10. My best friend recently joined Weight Watchers. Everytime I talk to her, now, she's either talking about food or counting points. LOL

11. Fenris made a friend. There's a mostly outdoor cat in the neighborhood that hangs out on our porch sometimes. We let Fenris out to greet him. They sniffed each other for a bit, then Fenris chased him away. In the dark.

12. Keeping track of a dark gray cat in the dark isn't easy.

13. Now one cat sits on one side of the door or window, and the other cat sits on the other, and they meow at each other.

14. We've all had colds, but we're getting over them.

15. I went to the eye doctor last week and ordered new glasses and contacts. My eyes are expensive. It sucks to be blind.

16. I woke up this morning when Darcy came into the room and asked loudly, "So how's the sleeping going, Mama?"