Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My cat is a vegetarian...and other odds and ends

Yesterday, I made some loose meat sandwiches. The cat jumped up in my lap after I'd finished eating, and he sniffed over my plate. He passed up the hamburger. He passed up the corned beef. But he ate the PICKLE! No wonder he hasn't liked any of the wet foods we've bought for him! They are all meat! LOL

Darcy quip: Mama! Something dropped into my lower contestines! (At which point Perrin pointed out that she meant intestines. I have yet to figure out what on earth she means by something dropped into them!)

I got my new glasses yesterday. WOWZERS, am I blind!! Even with my new contacts, which give me 20/20 vision, I am blind in comparrison to how well I see with my glasses. It's amazing! Of course, I'm still a bit dizzy, and it feels like the back of my eyeballs are being sucked out of my head and out into my glasses. But maybe I'll get used to them. LOL I'll try to take a picture of the geeky (geekier?) me and post it pretty soon.

I'll end with a picture. It's kind of a picture of Darcy, but not really:
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