Saturday, May 28, 2005

Oh shit!

Tai let me sleep in this morning, which was wonderful. But I woke to something not so pleasant. I got up, climbed out of bed, remembered that I had to go get my blood drawn, and proceeded to reach into a basket of folded laundry. My hand came back wet. Ew! I was still mostly asleep, so I just went to wipe my hand on my pants...only to discover that my hand (and now my pants) had shit all over it! Yuckkkkk!!

I guess overnight the cat had decided his tummy didn't feel well. He was shut in the bedroom with us, so he went in the thing that was the closest shape to his litter box. My clean laundry basket! And it wasn't regular cat shit, either. Oh no. He had diarrhea. I had slimey, gloppy kitty poo all over my clothes. NOT a good way to start the day.

I washed up, found some clean clothes, and ran to the lab to get my blood drawn. I was starving and very thirsty, and I had to have my blood taken after fasting. So there was no time to clean up the mess in the bedroom first.

I was met at the door, when I came home, by my son, Alex. "Mom, guess what? The kitty fell off the deck!" Fenris had fallen from our second story deck and landed on the wooden deck (or maybe the trough/flower box thingie). My poor baby!

He's favoring his left hind leg, but other than that, he SEEMS to be mostly ok. He's walking and jumping up onto furniture, so we assume nothing is actually BROKEN. But maybe he sprained his leg/hip/ankle or something. Or popped the hip out of place. *sigh*

It's not been a good day.

::UPDATE:: By Sunday, the cat seemed fine. :) Thank goodness!