Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Sleepwalking fun

Nearly every night for the past two weeks or so, Alex has been sleepwalking. We've been messing with him so bad! It might be awful, but it's awfully fun.

For example, the other night, as we were heading to bed, Alex hopped off the top bunk and met us in the hallway. Immediately, Tai told him, "Alex, don't worry. The tooth fairy will be flying in on bunny wings..." (At this point, I popped in, saying she also had a dragon tail) "...to take your tooth out from under your pillow. And she'll leave a colored egg. And if you don't remember to get it, it will rot and smell bad." (And then I told him if that happened, there would be six more weeks of winter.) Teehee!

Last night, he came downstairs and asked me something about how many SKULLS something costs. Whatever item he wanted to buy was muffled/mangled/mumbled, but the skulls part came out quite clear. I told him 27,000, and to go back to bed. He was utterly amazed - "Twenty-seven thousand?!?" Yep, 27,000! LOL

A few days ago, around 11:30PM I got out of bed for no particular reason, other than I really felt that I needed to. I sat down on the couch and turned on the tv. A few minutes later, I heard Alex jump off his top bunk and come running full speed down the stairs. He then tried to run out the front door. Tried to run away while he was sound asleep! I stopped him, obviously, and told him to go back to bed. Instead, he turned around, walked to the kitchen, and loaded up World of Warcraft on the computer. The part where he had to type in his username and password stumped him, though. Ha! I was too amazed to razz him about that one too much while he was still asleep. I waited until morning that time. ;o)

I know I should be concerned that he's started sleepwalking on a regular basis. I mean, this happens just about every night. Sometimes, several times a night. But it's just too darn fun to mess with him!