Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The high today so far?

87 degrees. In the beginning of April. Do you believe that?

The things kids do and say

Darcy: What's that over there?
Tai: Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Darcy: Chuckified chicken!?!?

Darcy: Mama, can I keep Wormy in my room as a pet?
Me: Uhm, no. Wormy is definitely an outside pet.
Darcy: Can I put Wormy in your shoes?
Me: Uhm, no. Don't even think about it.
Darcy: Hey, Mama! Look! If you take Wormy apart, it makes two baby wormies!
Me: Oh, that's fabulous, Darcy.
Darcy: AAAAAAGH!!!! A SPIDER!!!!!!

Darcy: I don't like that.
Perrin: Me either! We need to form an angry mom! (instead of angry mob)
Me: Yes, forming an angry mom is definitely the way to get things done. (laughing my ass off)
Tai: Wondertwin powers, activate! Form of: Angry Mom!
Me: (laughing my ass off)
Perrin: What's so funny?

Last but not least, the other day, I bought hulahoops for the kids. They came in three sizes. Alex wanted the biggest size, even though it only came in pink. I was really confused about that until yesterday. I watched him fly by on his bicycle - his hulahoop looped around the seat of the bike: hanging onto the other end of the hulahoop was his friend riding his skateboard. Aha!

Woohoo! Guess what?!

Guess what? I'm going to have color in my yard soon! The tree that I was having such a hard time identifying? It's a cherry blossom tree! Yeehaw!