Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Time to face the facts

It's time. I have to go to the dentist. Despite being almost anal about brushing, I have terrible teeth (Thanks, Dad!), and I went without dental insurance for too long. I've had insurance since September, but I hadn't gotten around to making an appointment. Well, today is the day, folks. One of my molars is starting to fall apart. It's got sharp edges, and I keep losing tiny little pieces of it. Yep. Today was the day to call and make that appointment I'd been dreading.

I went to our insurance company's website to find which dentists in the area are covered. I was quite pleased to discover a place right around the corner *is* a participating provider. This is good stuff, because I've seen the signs on the door there. In fact, this is on their website: When you visit us, you'll enjoy the sweet smells of aromatherapy and fall in love with our massaging chairs and sound therapy. These extra services coupled with gentle treatment of our dental services makes visiting the dentist quite an enjoyable experience. Yeah, I think this is the place for me!