Tuesday, February 08, 2005

That crazy lady and all of her furry friends

It just occurred to me that I've gone a little nuts. Well, ok, I'll admit that I've always been a little nuts, but in this case, I've gone nuts over something different than usual. My furry little pals.

It started off last March(?), when we bought two gerbils (Lenny & Squiggy). They were spoiled rotten - the first home we bought them cost us somewhere around $60. Yeah, $60 for a rodent palace. They were cute. They were adorable. They didn't like to cuddle much, though.

So for Mother's Day, my family bought me a bunny (Felix). Yay! I loves me some bunny lovins. He's a beautiful bunny. He's the sweetest thing. But he can't be let out to roam free all day because of his proclivity for chewing electrical cords. He is only allowed out for a couple of hours a night, after we've thoroughly bunny-proofed the house.

Then we moved here - land of the squirrels. I fell for them right away. Adorable little fuzzy things! So I started buying them sunflower seeds. And peanuts. And hazelnuts. And then I discovered that I could train them to eat out of my hand. I held peanuts out the door, and they'd come take them. It started with one. Then a couple more came around. Now I'm feeding approximately 2 dozen squirrels by hand. Just yesterday, I discovered that at least two of them will come up to me if I'm fully standing outside on the deck. I can squat down and feed them peanuts. Amazing.

Over the weekend, we added the kitten to our family. He has to be the most loving furball I've ever met. He loves to cuddle. There's nothing much better than being awakened (at a reasonable hour) by kitten lovins. (By the way, we're leaning toward naming him either Fenris, Cricket, or Tesla...after the scientist, not the band.)

I'm surrounded by my furry friends. And I am LOVING it.

I'm sure, though, that my neighbors are starting to call me The Crazy Squirrel Lady!