Monday, February 07, 2005

Silly Kitty!

So the kitten spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening hiding in our boxspring or under the bed. He didn't want us to even look at him - poor, scared, little guy! Tai told me I was underestimating him - that as soon as the lights went out, he'd be up exploring. I didn't believe him. Ha!

Literally, less than a minute after I turned off my light and laid down to go to sleep, that little bugger jumped on the bed and started walking all over us. He only weighs probably 3 pounds, so it felt more like butterfly kisses than footfalls. He spent most of the night wandering over the bed, though I did hear him use the litter box and eat a little. I can't swear it, but I think he's one of those cats that picks up each piece of food with his paw and puts it in his mouth! That's certainly what it sounded like, anyway. Regardless, I was up most of the night, because the collar we put on him has a bell on it. What was I thinking when I bought it?! Oh, yeah...that I'd like to be able to find him when he was hiding!

He warmed up further today. He let me pick him up a couple of different times, and we had some good snuggle time. With purring. He has a little motor, I swear! He was sitting across my shoulders while I was on the couch using the laptop. He loves to follow the curser movements with his eyes. Mucho Cute-o. I was scrolling through a page of pet names, and he found the words scrolling by to be fascinating. He jumped onto the laptop and put his nose right on the name Jinx. I like it. I think he made a good choice. But it's Tai's decision, so I doubt it'll stick. Even if the cat DID pick it himself!