Thursday, January 27, 2005

Windows shopping

Have I mentioned how much I love shopping from the comfort of my computer chair? I know I have at some point. Cuz I loves me some Internet-shopping!

I bought my vacuum today. Plus 15 packages of bags. Plus 4 replacement belts. Plus 6 replacement filters. See, Tai said I had to get a ton of bags, cuz he's afraid bags will go off the market before we're ready for our next new vacuum cleaner. I figure 15 packages ought to do us for a while. And since I was getting free shipping, I figured I might as well get the replacement belts and filters so I can lose, er, uh, I mean have them on hand, too!

And check this out: I didn't have to pay sales tax (savings of about $10 ). And I got free shipping (savings of $33). PLUS I got a discount of $25 because of a promotion at Amazon.

Let's tally:

Vacuum (1) - savings $30
Store price: $159 Online price: $129
Filters (3pkg) - savings $21
Store price: $15 Online price: $8
Bags (15pkg) - savings $15
Store price: $3 Online price $2
Promotional discount (1) - savings $25
Store: $0 Online: -$25
Sales tax (1) - savings $8
Store tax: $8 Online tax: $0

Total savings: $99

Damn, I'm good.