Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Hey, did anybody notice I was a military wife?

If so, why didn't ya say so? I could have been grocery shopping at the commissary all this time!

Yeah, ok, so the last time I was at a commissary it was 10 years ago. And the produce all went bad in a day or two. And the prices weren't that different from those in town. That is SO not the case today, ladies & gentlemen.

I want you to know that I saved over $7 on tomatoes alone. On four tomatoes. In the regular grocery store, they are $3.99 a pound. At the commissary, I spent $0.40/pound. Oh hell yeah.

And the ready-cooked bacon that my family so dearly loves? HALF the price of the grocery store. Yeppers. Half.

The peanuts I spend a fortune on to feed the squirrels? 2/3 the price. Filberts, which I wouldn't even consider spending $6/pound on for the squirrels at the grocery store...$1.65/pound at the commissary!

Too bad it's such an ordeal to get to. It may not be too far in miles, but it certainly is time consuming as far as traffic goes. :( Especially in the snow.

Did you hear that? We've got snow! SNOW! Tai and the kids are out sledding now. :) I need to go put on a pot of hot water for warm spiced cider for them when they get in.