Thursday, January 20, 2005

Getting it all put together

For Alex's birthday, we ordered him a bigger hard drive and more memory for his computer. The plan is to scrap the old hard drives totally, and start from scratch. We finally got the pieces today. Woohoo!

Tai got them physically installed, and now I'm sitting at Alex's computer (with my laptop in my lap) blogging while I wait for Windows to format and install on the new hard drive. Yeehaw. Slowly but surely, we're bringing his computer up to speed. He now has an 80Gb hard drive, and 512MBs of memory, so that's not too bad. His processor is only a single GHz, but I swear it was supposed to be 1.4 when we bought it (two years ago..or was it three?). I'll have to look into that. Huh. Regardless, it should be decent enough for him to play his games on. I just realized I'm not sure where the software is for the wireless network card. I ought to look into that, or we're gonna have some problems.

Tai and I hung Darcy's wallpaper border this morning, too. Well, Tai hung it. I just got it wet. ;o) It looks great. The problem is, her border, her curtains, and her new fleece blanket are all nice and bright. But the comforter (which is what the entire room was based on to begin with) has faded. Oh well. Life will go on, I say. Anyhow, this is the pattern I'm talking about:
I love the bright colors. Especially of the border on the plain white walls. Adds a lot of character to the room. :)

Sheesh...I'd forgotten how long it takes Windows to install on a new drive!

Anyhow, that's what's going on in my world. Flower wallpaper borders and new hard drives. Yippee! LOL