Friday, December 03, 2004

This just in: Quitting smoking may be hazardous to your wardrobe!

Well, I'm five weeks and four days into being a non-smoker. For the first 25 days or so, I gained about a pound a day (eek!)...then I lost a few pounds, and it looks like I've finally settled in at about 16 or 18 pounds more than what I was when this venture began.

Now let me explain that before this all started, depending on the day, I wore one of two sizes of jeans. Some days I wore the smaller size, and days when I was bloating or whatever, I wore the next size up. Ok, no biggie.

Somewhere along the way, probably about 10 pounds into it, my options got narrowed down to just the larger size.

Now, depending on the day, I am lucky if I can zip that larger size. Aaaaagh!

So I caved last night, and bought the next size up. I even bought "stretch" jeans so they are 2% spandex. *sigh*

This doesn't mean that I'm giving up and I'm expecting to stay 18 pounds heavier than when I started. It just means that while I *am* this size, I'm gonna wear jeans that fit comfortably!