Wednesday, December 29, 2004

The plague!

Yeah, we've all got it. Well, not all of us. I'm still sick. Perrin and Darcy are sick. Tai is getting sick. Alex? He's off at a friend's house playing. Must be nice!

I went to the doctor. I knew in my heart that it was just the flu, and there was nothing she'd be able to do. But I figured my temp got over 103, and I've got insurance, so I'd better go make sure. Yep. We're pretty certain it's viral. She couldn't give me anything to cure it, but she did give me an inhaler, which is helping me with that whole shortness of breath thing.

That reminds me...when I was in training to be a nurse's aid, they told us not to let any of the patients or their family members see their charts. Why? Because of abbreviations such as S.O.B. that they might see. They'd think we were calling them sons of bitches, when actually we were mentioning that they were short of breath. Rather amusing thought, isn't it?